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  • San Rafael Mercedes Benz S 550 Sedan Service

    Our Mercedes Benz S550 Sedan is available for rent in San Rafael, San Francisco, Napa-Sonoma, and other Bay Area cities. This luxury sedan serves as an ideal mode of transportation to nearby airports such as San Francisco SFO, Oakland OAK and Sacramento airports. Cruise by in style to Bachelor Parties, weddings, wine tours, sightseeing, corporate event-related travel, and more. Rated highly for performance and safety, the Mercedes S550 Sedan is the perfect complement to your events, special occasion, and sight-seeing trips.

    The Mercedes Benz S550 is equipped with features that set it apart from other non-luxury cars. With your safety in mind, you’ll benefit from:
    • Noise Reduction technology
    • Infra-Red Reflecting Windows
    • Rear Side Window Shades
    • Power adjustable seats
    • Harman LOGIC7® digital surround-sound system
    • Intelligent Ambient Lighting for glare reduction
    Make your special events and travel trips a drive to remember. Whether you’re arranging a wine tour with friends, planning a trip to the airport, or driving around the city for various events, our Mercedes S550 will provide your ease and comfort wherever you go. Call today for information and rates for your next Mercedes S550 Sedan rental.

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